The Power of Scents in your home

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Scent is one of the most simple and smart ways to restore your energy just when you need it most. Like when you’ve got a hectic few weeks at work and you need an instant boost of energy to get you over the finish line – a waft of Honeysuckle and Pomegranate can uplift and sharpen your senses.

Candle Light Scents

Bailey & Brooke Luxurious Candles are hand crafted using a natural blend of wax and a lead-free cotton braided wick. This combined with essence of essential oils means the candle is of the highest quality and produces at least 48 hrs of burning. A beautiful scent in your home has the power to uplift, soothe and calm. It’s one of the most powerful ways to feel the way you want to feel. So next time you inhale the beautiful aroma of a Bailey & Brooke candle, feel the joy that fills your lungs and sit back & relax.

Scent is closely linked with our emotional memories and has that magical ability to transport us back in time to those special moments in our lives. Whether that’s the smell of the sea air that brings you back to your childhood, freshly cut grass that reminds your its summer or an old perfume that catapults you back to your first romance. Natural scents don’t just smell great. They are incredibly nurturing for your skin. That’s why we use them in all our Bailey & Brooke products.

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